PROGRESS demoteam

PROGRESS first compiled in august of 1996 as results of merging of two groupz - SEAMANZ & MPS.
This two teams was founded somewhere in old-good 1995.

The men behind the pGs label are ->>

r0m aka keeberjunkie [deZigner/grafican & additional koder],
Ph00kZe aka Fux [main koder & additional grafican/muzaker] &
M!C aka Mic [main music composer & additional grafican/koder].

r0m dA KyberJunkie    ph00kZe dA Dream Decruncher    M!C dA SenZeCompoZer

During S4B project development our friendz join us for helping with our job. Their names are Madminder aka KSA , KOLVER & GENA .

Our main profile on scene is demomaking . Namez of our heavy-weight demo releases are: Brain Crash, Paroxyzm, Shit 4 Brainz & NRG (this one was released under mystic COSMIC label).
Also some lighter demos, intros, cracktros & gifts was released under SEAMANZ and MPS labels.

All that stuff you can find in data section of our site. Also you can take a look at SEAMANZ releases list .


  DeZigN by r0m

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